Wednesday, October 1, 2014

City of Atlanta Opens Ethics Investigation into Michael Julian Bond

The City of Atlanta's Ethics Department is launching a full investigation into recent concerns over Councilman Michael Julian Bond's misuse of public funds.  Mr. Bond has had his spending called into question as he's used city money to pay for trips to his family reunion, his high school reunion's party favors, and personal tutoring expenses, among other concerns.  Ms. Nina Hickson is the City's ethics officer and will lead the investigation.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Michael Julian Bond Spends $2,000 of City Funds on His High School Reunion

Current Atlanta City Council member Michael Julian Bond has admitted that he spent $2,000 of City of Atlanta taxpayer funds on purchasing buttons and DVDs as gifts for his high school classmates.  The party favors were purchased for the Frederick Douglas High School's Class of 1984 reunion.  The buttons included the class motto "There Will Be No More Like the Class of 1984."  11Alive came across the shocking story after reviewing Mr. Bond's expense reports amid ongoing concerns over Mr. Bond's spending.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Michael Julian Bond Attends His Family Reunion in Washington on City of Atlanta's Dime

Atlanta City Councilman Michael Julian Bond has raised more concerns about his use of City funds as he was caught on camera attending the Bond Family Reunion in Washington D.C., by 11Alive News.  His family reunion was the same weekend he was reportedly in Boston for an official City of Atlanta work trip in which he was researching historic trails.  The City paid Mr. Bond's travel expenses totally $2,400 for the trip, which included four nights in a hotel and a per diem for his meals.  The Councilman has said that he attended most of the reunion functions that weekend.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Michael Julian Bond has $1,200 in Unpaid State Ethics Fines

 11Alive Exclusive

Mr. Michael Julian Bond was among several lawmakers in Georgia in which 11Alive (WXIA) reported as having not filed forms related to his past campaign fundraising.  As of March 2014, the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission had fined Mr. Bond over $1,200 in late fees associated to not disclosing his political campaign's finances to the public.  Mr. Bond's unfixed financial disclosures and unpaid fines have persisted despite his vocal support for more restrictions on campaign finances at the national level.

11Alive Story: Local Lawmakers Ignore Transparency Laws (video)
Michael Bond's Campaign Disclosure Fine - Invoice #1
Michael Bond's Campaign Disclosure Fine - Invoice #2
State Ethic's Late/Non-Filer Search

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